Personalized neurosurgery fathoms the range from basal neuroscience to individual patient experiences. We bring together neuroscience from the center for translational neuroscience, and clinical neurosurgery in a new infrastructure: The Personalized Neurosurgery Research Center. For personalized neurosurgery, basic science theories and knowledge regarding individual biomarkers to predict individual results is lacking. Basic sciences lack means to corroborate hypotheses that explain human neuroscience. We are creating the Copenhagen Personalized Neurosurgery Research Center focused on comprehensive personalized clinical neuroscience and translational sciences with international leaders in their respective fields.


Clinical Academic Groups

PERNS comprises multiple Clinical Academic Groups and research entities.

CSF and Pediatric

The CSF study group led by Prof. Marianne Juhler integrates clinical, technical, and translational research into cerebrospinal fluid disorders.


The epidemiology group is led by Tina Munch and focuses on epidemiology- and genetic research using the Danish nationwide registers and biobanks.


Copenhagen Meningioma Research group is led by Morten Ziebell, and adresses the many aspects of meningioma: Treatment, epilepsy and cognition.


The Copenhagen Brain Tumor Consortium (The Glio Project) is operating on the forefront of translational research regarding the surgical treatment of brain tumors.


Nursing Research is led by Rikke Guldager and focuses on clinical research that provides evidence-based Nursing used to support nursing practices.


The vascular group focuses on critical care support after subarachnoid hemorrhage, managing vascular abnormalities and treating all aspect of chronic subdural hematoma.

Pizza meetings 2021 – Calendar updated

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EANS 2020 – Virtual Conference

The European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS) holds an annual congress and unites neurosurgeons in...

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Funding for research in malignant meningioma

The project 'Malignant meningioma: Clinical, spatial and temporal heterogeneity' has been awarded a two-year grant...

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New publication from Rikke Guldager – Rehabilitation interventions after traumatic brain injury: a scoping review

Continuing research on the forefront of rehabilitation after brain injury the nursing research group has...

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Pizza meetings starting again!

After months of Covid-19 closure, the pizza meetings is back on track, and we will...

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‘The Nightlife of the Brain’ Pizza meeting session with Maiken Nedergaard

We had the privilege of a two-hour session with Maiken Nedergaard at our last pizza...

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New publication: ‘Development of a Measure of Nociception for Patients With Severe Brain Injury’

Just accepted for publication in the Clinical Journal of Pain, Rikke Guldager and her team...

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from PERNS

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us...

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Plan for pizza meetings in 2020

These are the tentative dates for pizza meetings for the first part of 2020.Changes might...

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