Copenhagen Meningioma Research Group

We strive to develop and improve personal surgery services for patients with meningioma. Our focus is on developing pre-operative imaging, radioactive image markers and increase our understanding of peritumoral edema, inflammation, epilepsy and cognitive dysfunctions in relation to the patient’s final outcome. Our goal is to develop better, safer surgical and medical treatments with a greater degree of total removal and thereby complete recovery from the disease. Read more here.


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Copenhagen CSF Study Group

The CSF study group led by Prof. Marianne Juhler integrates clinical, technical, and translational research into cerebrospinal fluid disorders. They apply their results to solving notoriously difficult issues about clinical hydrocephalus management.

The group continues a proud tradition of research into this area at the Copenhagen University Hospital.

CPH CSF has its own website:  Click here to visit CSF Study Group.


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The neurosurgical epidemiology research group bridges the neurosurgical clinical environment at Copenhagen University Hospital with research departments at Statens Serum Institute. The research group is based on established collaborations with Department of Epidemiology Research and Department of Neonatal Diseases at Statens Serum Institute. These collaborations provide access to highly esteemed research environments and unique data sources. These resources are used to investigate the aetiology and outcome of neurosurgical diseases.


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Nursing Research

Nursing research focuses on clinical research that provides evidence-based practice.  Nursing research is primarily based on the clinical problem’s patients and relatives experience. Examples of this are delirium/ agitated behavior, pain, nutrition, patient and relative involvement, as well as the many aspects of the emotional and existential problems patients 'and relatives' experience and react to in order to live with their disease. Read more here.


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The vascular research group on critical care support after subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), managing vascular abnormalities and treating all aspect of chronic subdural hematoma.

Currently a large study regarding critical care in SAH patients is conducted at the department.



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Glio (Danish Tumor Consortium)

The Copenhagen Brain Tumor Consortium (The Glio Project) is operating on the forefront of translational research regarding the surgical treatment of brain tumors. The clinical part is lead by Jane Skjøth-Rasmussen in close collaboration with Basic Scientist Petra Hamerlik from the Danish Cancer Society. Read more here.

Glio Project

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