The CSF study group led by Prof. Marianne Juhler integrates clinical, technical, and translational research into cerebrospinal fluid disorders. They apply their results to solving notoriously difficult issues about clinical hydrocephalus management. Furthermore, they focus on pediatric neurosurgical disorders.

The group continues a proud tradition of research into this area at the Copenhagen University Hospital.

CPH CSF has its own website:  Click here to visit CSF Study Group. The site is regularly updated with newest publications and highlights.


For an overview of the group's projects and people

Post Docs

  • Nina Rostgaard (molecular biologist)
  • Morten Andresen (MD PhD)
  • Alexander Lilja-Cyron (MD PhD)


Current PhD projects

  • Casper Schwartz Riedel: ICP and sleep physiology/the Glymphatic system in humans (joint with  Danish Research Centre for Sleep Disorders)
  • Isabel Martinez Tejada: automatized machine-learning analysis of ICP signals (joint with DTU Electro)
  • Sara Hornshøj Pedersen: Pediatric TBI/normal and pathological ICP ranges in children
  • Tenna Capion: predicitve markers in CSF in subarachnoid haemorrhage


Current other research projects (junior researchers, Lundbeck Foundation scholarships)

  • ETV in adults; outcome and predictive factors (Sondre Tefre, MD)
  • Normal ICP in adults (Nicolas Nørager Hernandez, MS). Scandinavian/Czech Republic multicentre observational study
  • Glymphatic markers in hydrocephalus - a microdialysis study. Joachim Birch Milan


Current collaboration

  • Copenhagen University Neuroscience/Molecular Neuroscience; NOVO Tandem collaboration; professor Nanna McAuley
  • Danish Centre for Sleep Disorders; professor Poul Jennum,
  • Danish Technical University; professor Jens Wilhjlem
  • European neurosurgical centres participating in our multicentre trials


4 completed PhD projects last 3 years - projected activity: one awarded PhD degree/year within the group