The Neurosurgical Epidemiology Research Group

The neurosurgical epidemiology research group bridges the neurosurgical clinical environment at Copenhagen University Hospital with research departments at Statens Serum Institute. The research group is based on established collaborations with Department of Epidemiology Research and Department of Neonatal Diseases at Statens Serum Institute. These collaborations provide access to highly esteemed research environments and unique data sources. These resources are used to investigate the aetiology and outcome of neurosurgical diseases.


Current projects

1) The genetic aetiology of congenital hydrocephalus. 2) The associations between childhood hydrocephalus and psychiatric disorders. 3) Mortality and risk factors for shunt revision in infantile hydrocephalus. 4) The survival of glioblastoma patients following multiple resections. 

Primus motor: Tina Nørgaard Munch, tnm@ssi.dk or tina.noergaard.munch@regionh.dk



1) The impact of hormonal factors on meningioma growth. 2) Postoperative de novo epilepsy in meningioma patients. 3) The prognosis of patients with malignant meningiomas

Primus motor: Ph.D student Laura Giraldi,  lvgf@ssi.dk

Supervisors: Tina Nørgaard Munch, Kåre Fugleholm Buch, and Mads Melbye.


Chronic subdural hematoma - etiology and prognosis 

Primus motor: Ph.D student Thorbjørn Rønn Jensen.

Supervisors: Kåre Fuglholm, Tina Nørgaard Munch and Tina Binderup.


Outcome and impact of spine surgery – the role of patient reported outcome and impact of spine surgery on socio-economic outcomes

Primus motor: Ph.D student Stian Iversen Solumsmoen, stian.iversen.solumsmoen@regionh.dk

Supervisors: Rachid Bech-Azedine, Tina Nørgaard Munch, and Mads Melbye.


School results following head trauma during childhood.

Primus motor: Ph.D student Sarah Skovlunde Hornshøj Pedersen

Supervisors: Marianne Juhler, Tina Nørgaard Munch, Alexander Lilja-Cyron, Morten Ziebell.