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Delayed cerebral ischemia in subarachnoid hemorrhage - Towards a
novel pharmacological intervention
Neuroinflammatory involvement in subarachnoid hemorrhage and the development of DCIWe aim to investigate the temporal aspect of neuroinflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction brains tissue and vasculature in subarachnoid hemorrhage using an animal model. Furthermore we seek to investigate pharmacological intervention and its impact on the development of delayed cerebral ischemia, behavior and overall survivalJesper Peter Bömers, MDOngoing. Expected end date 01.04.23Tiit .
+45 61664720
Surgeons experience of Venous risk with CP-angle SurgerySafe handling of veins, Venous anatomyA mixed method study
Describing Surgical experience in the Cerebellopontine angle surgery with respect to safe handling of veins.
Medical student, Adam A. IsmailiTiit Mathiesen
Malignant meningioma: Clinical, temporal and spatial heterogeneityMeningiomas, oncology, tumor biology, neuropathlogyA series of retrospective studies investigating the molecular biology of meningioma in relation to diagnosis, prognosis and treatment Ph.D. student, Andrea Maier Tiit Mathiesen
+45 25825824
The Glymphatic System in HumansSleep and Intracranial pressureOur aim is to investigate basic mechanisms of sleep and the hypothesis of a functioning glymphatic system in humans. Ph.D. student Casper Schwartz RiedelMarianne
Coupling sleep monitoring and reverse microdialysis to explore waste clearance in the human brain Cerebral waste clearance and sleepDeveloping a new method for the quantification of waste clearance in the human brain - coupled to sleep monitoring.Medical student, Joachim Birch MilanMarianne
The associations between hormonal therapy, prolactin and cerebral meningiomas Meningiomas, oncology, epilepsy, neuropathlogyEpidemiological and pathological research regarding the occurrence and development of intra cerebral meningiomasPh.D. student Laura GiraldiTina
27 122 221
Reference Values for Intracranial PressureIntracranial pressure, hydrocephalusA clinical, multicenter study aiming to determine accurate reference values for intracranial pressureMedical student, Nicolas H. NoragerMarianne
31 71 32 82
Biomarkers and fluid dynamics in HydrocephalusRegulation of fluid production and transport in all types of hydrocephalusA tandem research project with Associate Professor Nanna MacAulay and her research group (Department of Neuroscience, University of Copenhagen) funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. The aim is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of fluid production in choroid plexus and gain more knowledge on ICP in both animal models and patients.Post doc, Nina Rostgaard (PhD, MSc Human Biology)Marianne
60 15 26 85
Development, validation and implementation of a relative’s involvement effortNursing, relatives, traumatic brain injuryThe project aims to examinen the effect of a nursing intervention to ensure individualized involvement of relatives in the patient pathways after severe brain injury and brain tumor. Design: Qualitative study, Complex intervention.Rikke Guldager, Pernille Reck Miller, Pernille Vinding Hansen, Mette Kristensen, Nikie Hjelmar De Place, Ingrid Poulsen, Anne NorupResearch protocol is in preparation
Funding is continuously being applied for.
Approvals: In preparation
Project start: 01.08.19
Expected end date: 31.07.21
Molecular targeted optical imaging for fluorescence guideded surgery for malignant tumorsFluorescence guided surgeryDevelopment and translation of fluorescent tracers for delineation of GBM - from preclinical evaluation to first-in-human.Ph.D. student Sorel Kurbegovic

Andreas Kjaer
Clinical Supervisor Jane Skjøth-Rasmussen
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The socio-economic impact of spine surgeryEpidemiology,
spine surgery,
patient reported outcome
We aim to investigate the socio-economic impact of spine surgery, and also further evaluate patient reported health-related outcomes on the basis of objective register-based information of health- and socio-economic outcomes.PhD student Stian SolumsmoenRachid
Danish RAndomized trial of external ventricular drainage cessation IN aneurysmal
subarachnoid haemorrhage (DRAIN)
Aneurismal subarachnoid haemorrhage, external ventricular drain treatmentA controlled, randomized, clinical trial comparing prompt closure and gradual weaning of external ventricular drain treatment in patients with hydrocephalus following aneurismal subarachnoid haemorrhagePh.D. student Tenna CapionTiit
2277 2588
Reliability and Sensitivity test of a New Clinical Scale to Assess Nociception in patients with disorders of consciousnessNeuro-intensive care unit, neurosurgical unit, neurorehabiliteringTo investigate the interrater reliability of the Danish version of the Brain Injury Nociception Assessment Measure (BINAM) and to investigate BINAM's ability to capture changes due to the intervention. Multicenter study. Rikke Guldager, Pernille Reck Miller, Pernille Vinding Hansen, Ida Berthelsen, Simone Ahrenkilde, Ingrid PoulsenResearch protocol is in preparation
Funding: In preparation
Approvals: In preparation
Project start: Autumn 2019
Expected end date: