Vascular Reserach Group

The vascular research group focuses on critical care support after subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), managing vascular abnormalities and treating all aspects of chronic subdural hematoma.



DACSUHS, the Danish Chronic Subdural Hematoma Study is a national collaboration between the 4 neurosurgical departments. The aim is to provide national guidelines for investigation and treatment, to standardize treatment, and to combine and coordinate forces in chronic subdural hematoma research in Denmark

“Drain Time” is a Danish national randomized controlled study under the Danish Chronic Subdural Hematoma Study (DACSUHS), comparing 24 to 48 hours of subdural drainage after evacuation of chronic subdural hematoma, testing the hypothesis that 24 hours of drainage does not significantly increase the rate of recurrence compared to 48 hours drainage. Patient inclusion is expected to end mid 2020 with publication of results at the  end of 2020.


Tripple SAH

Currently a large study regarding SAH and the following optimal neurointensive care is conducted at the department. The study has three main areas:


Neurointensive monitoring of cerebral blood flow, oxygen tension and cellular metabolic changes in the brain after SAH.

Daily responsible: Markus Harboe Olsen, MD, Neuroanesthesia. Research responsible: Kirsten Møller, prof., MD, PhD


Biomarkers in the cerebrospinal fluid after SAH.

Daily responsible: Nina Rostgaard, post.doc. Research responsible: Marianne Juhler, prof.,


A randomized controlled clinical trial investigating optimal drainage reduction in SAH patients.

Daily responsible: Tenna Capion, MD, Neurosurgery. Research responsible: Tiit Mathiesen, prof., MD


The study is already including patients. For further information contact Markus Harboe Olsen at or Tenna Capion at